I would highly recommend Karen 4 your petz. She treats your pets as if they were her own. Every little detail is taken care of right down to cleaning out your pets food dishes. They get tons of snuggles and play time with her. At the end of your visit she will leave you this cute little love note letting you know what they did together and how your pet behaved. Karen goes above and beyond because she truly loves all animals. We currently have a puppy, 2 guinea pigs and a bearded dragon. She does amazing with all of them. If you’re looking for someone to treat your pets the way you do while you were away for the day or a family vacation, this is the perfect company to contact.
Lucy Kampf

I reached out to Karen no more than a month after I adopted a pit bull terrier into my home.  I knew Karen’s love for not only animals, but for the *quirks* of this specific breed, would be a perfect and worry free fit for me AND Molly.  I use Karen 4 your Petz each time I take a long or short trip and would undoubtedly reschedule a trip before trusting any one else with my girl.  I can’t help but notice how much Mollys anxious behavior improves when she is with Karen through constant video and photo updates!

Thank you Karen for not only caring for Molly but making her a part of your giant puppy family!

Hannah T


I can’t thank you enough for all your help with Barkley over the past 4 years. You made the puppy days easy for us with your daily visits. Now our not so little boy gets overly excited just when he see’s you coming. I’ll recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a pet-sitter or daily visitor. Thanks again!

Erin M

I approached Karen Vaiana because I needed a dog sitter for our Great Dane, Stella. Karen helped me by being available for the dates I needed and I knew I could trust her in my home so our Stella would not feel alone. The result was GREAT! You could tell that Stella enjoyed her time with Karen. One thing I liked was that Karen followed our directions regarding Stella’s eating routine and medication for I found the experience to be stress free for me and Stella.

I would recommend Karen Vaiana to people who need pet sitting services.


I have known Karen for years. We met at an animal shelter that i worked at. She started volunteering, her dedication to the animals was known pretty soon after. She came to volunteer frequently helping not only with walking dogs,but cleaning, feeding and providing some much needed TLC to all animals at the shelter . Not to mention everyone who she came in contact with loved her and found her personality very warm and inviting. I was 3rd in charge at the shelter and felt extremely comfortable with her in just about any situation. We took in alot of animals who had issues and we gave them the chance no one else would have. She handled them effortlessly and even quickly became bonded with some of our so called problem children. I can ramble on forever giving examples of how awesome Karen is, but all i can say is just meet her once and see for yourself. You wont regret having Karen as a pet sitting service. Your minds will feel at ease knowing how comfortable and happy your animals are in the comfort of their own home while you’re away. Enjoy the stay with Karen Furry kids


We are very particular when it comes to finding pet care. We have 5 dogs which can be a challenge on the best of days. Karen4YourPetz went above and beyond the call by establishing a bond with each of our 5 dogs. When we were away she posted pictures almost every day on Facebook. This really helped us to relax on vacation. When we returned home, we found things well looked after and in good order. We found Karen4YourPetz highly diligent, responsible, motivated and caring and would highly recommend her for all your pet care needs. Thanks Karen4YourPetz!!

Karen K

I have two rescue pugs. My husband and I are now retired and I must say they tie us down when we want to do something. I do not believe in kenneling and have had various pet sitters take care of my precious boys, time to time. Somehow they didn’t make the cut and alas my husband and I felt we could not make plans for fear no one understood how important they were to us. Then we met Karen of Karen 4 Your Petz. I called her for a meet and greet and she did not rush me about my concerns about my babies. Anyone else would have charged me for the meet and greet which almost took 2 hours LOL but she stayed, met them and LISTENED. Not to them but to ME and how important they are to me. I felt she ‘got it’ and would treat them as her own. Since I suffer from anxiety and OCD she totally understood how scared I was. I have left them with her now a few times and will be leaving them for a week in May. I am no longer scared, she sends texts, pictures and lets me know how they are doing. I knew the times I left them with her, that nothing had changed with them when I got back home…they were comfortable and themselves. Notes left for us, and she took care of our canary Anthony Steven and he was just as if we had not left. As my boys age I KNOW I can trust Karen with my pets. She answers all my questions over and over and never ONCE made me feel like I was bothering her. She loves the pets as her own. Believe me, I will never ever recommend anyone but her to take care of your beloved pets EVER. Thank you Karen for all you are to us, you are now part of our family.


Karen 4 Your Petz has been one of the best things to come into my, and my dog, Arlo’s life. Karen immediately bonded with Arlo, and her loving, caring energy comes across instantaneously. I knew she would be a perfect fit to take care of him on days that my work schedule meant I’d be gone for longer than usual amounts of time. She can keep up with his need to run, and easily switch gears to wind down with him for snuggles afterwards. She truly goes above and beyond, writing out a report card so I know exactly how he did that day, and sending heartwarming pictures. She understands not only my dog and his needs, but what it means to be a dog parent, treating him with as much love and care as if he were her own. I am wholeheartedly grateful for her services, and strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy, caring person to care for their four-legged family member!

Christine Marie Wellness

I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Vaiana shortly after adopting Bailey. The shelter posted a picture on FaceBook, and Karen, a volunteer at the shelter, commented that she lives in the same condo complex, and it turned out she lives a few doors down.

Bailey was a very senior dog, but was happy and full of life, but there was concern about leaving an older dog alone all day while at work, so I contacted Karen about checking on him during the day, and she happily agreed.

After meeting in person, and seeing them interact, I handed a key to my home to Karen without the slightest hesitation.

Bailey was only with me for 18 months, but he lived out his last days in a happy, warm and safe home. Karen’s care and love was part of what made it that way.


Karen has provided outstanding care for all of our fur babies for the past 7 years. Lady Deathstrike (Presa Canario) and Dr. Doom (Chihuahua/Pug/Pekingnese) adore Karen, and become extremely excited when they see her or just hear her name. She has been a second mommy to them both and was an invaluable asset when Lady Deathstrike (110 lbs) had ACL surgery last summer and required lifting up our many stairs and into/out of the car. We are lucky to know Karen, and will continue to trust her with our family.