Welcome to Karen 4 Your Petz Pet Sitting aka K4YPz servicing Wallingford, CT!    Being released in 2015 from Mommy Taxi duties had allowed me to follow my passion with animals and start my own pet sitting/dog walking business.   With the fast growing pace of my business I was able to resign from my psych/hospice/geriatric nursing position to focus on K4YPz full time and I couldn’t be happier!!!

In 2009 I started volunteering with a no-kill shelter the Meriden Humane Society where I cared for many animals from the sweetest to the most aggressive.  The best part of volunteering was becoming part of the rescue world and becoming a rescue mom to a handsome blue nose Pit Bull named Cannon, who was petrified of men and a gorgeous white Persian Cat named Sweet Pea who was dying of renal failure.

In 2018 I sat on the Board of Directors for the NEWLY managed Meriden Humane Society in Meriden CT.  They are a 5013c NON-PROFIT, NO-KILL shelter that works off donation only… (sadly they get no funding from the town or the state). My reason for leaving the Board was only because my business was demanding a lot of time and it was extremely hard for me to attend meetings.   I am however, still currently part of our awesome fundraising committee/team and helping with rehoming of their animals.

In my spare time I volunteer with a rescue out of NY called Rescue Dog Rocks with doing home visits in CT and transporting animals to their loving new homes in CT/Mass.     I also help to rehome animals for people who reach out to me directly with giving them tools, education and connections when needed,

Karen 4 Your Petz…. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER discriminates against any of the Bully Breeds and welcomes them ALL!!   I come to you with 25 plus yrs of experience and training dealing with the smallest to the largest of breeds with and without issues.

In 2020 I founded and opened my sister company named “Taylor 2 Your Petz Pet Sitting” aka T2YPz for my best friend of 28yrs daughter…… You guessed it, Taylor!!  I like to say “My Niece” lol   She now owns and operates it along side of me in of Wallingford, CT.

***Every animal becomes a K4YPz family member once you book but most importantly they become and are treated like my/our very OWN!!***

My past animals:

1 American Bulldog: Zena Deville

4 Persian cats (2 were rescues): Sharmay, Onyx, Kaiser and Sweet Pea
1 Boxer: Mico-Ty
2 Pit Bulls (both rescues): Kiko and Cannon

My present animals:

1 Persian cat: Loca Rose
1 American Bully(rescue): Bruno aka Bruno Mars

My house would be filled with animals if my husband would allow it!

LLC, Insured and Bonded, Registered with the state