Hello! I started with Karen4yourPetz back in 2016. Initially, thinking I was just helping my friend Karen with her overflow of bookings. Well, I instantly fell in love with pet sitting. Karen had another client and asked me to do that case as she was completely booked, then another and another. 😀

I own my own business and work from home and found that helping Karen really worked so well with my schedule and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I currently own 2 pitbulls and a cat. My children also have my passion for animals and have always brought home pets. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that I could never say no to. My first dog was a boxer in 1998. After she passed, I rescued an older boxer, Rocky, that we were blessed to have for 1 1/2 years. Once my children were old enough, I cannot count the amount of cats and dogs they have brought home. Oh, and ducks! My son currently owns Chihuahua and Havanese dogs. My other son owns 2 American Bulldogs. My daughter’s Great Dane recently passed away and currently looking for another one. Guess who gets to babysit all those animals?

Karen and I have been best friends since 1993 and share the same beliefs and values. We work easy together and have many of the same ethics. She has worked so hard to gain the reputation she deserves and I’m proud to join her.